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Corporate Forensic Capabilities

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CORPORATE FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS CAPABILITIES SHEET A straight forward comprehensive list of our corporate forensic capabilities contact cyfor co uk cyfor co uk 44 0 161 797 8123

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Data Acquisition Employee Misconduct Forensic imaging and data preservation of digital devices e g computers phones sat nav and tablet devices Internet history recovery and review Internet of Things IoT investigations Physical and virtual server acquisition Electronic communication investigations e g Skype WhatsApp Snapchat Instagram Data recovery including deleted data Digital media investigations DMI Remote download of cloud accounts cloud based systems e g emails online storage accounts Media review audio visual categorisation Password recovery User activity timeline analysis White Collar Crime Audio Visual Internal fraud investigations Image video and audio enhancement Money laundering investigations Image video and audio authentication is a piece of media original and non edited Bribery and corruption investigations Video speed alteration and magnification Accountancy software investigation Digital signal processing DSP analysis Forensic acquisition and data production for client review Image magnification Document and email authentication analysis Transcription services Metadata analysis Voice recognition forensic phonetic analysis Intellectual Property IP Theft Employee Data Theft Assisting Senior Executive Leavers Forensic data deletion Breach of restrictive covenants investigations Online file transfer investigation Peer to Peer P2P cloud transfer services e g DropBox WeTransfer OneDrive Assessment and rebuttal to prosecution claimant evidence and expert witness testimony Independent IT consultancy to assist with revoking access to previous corporate accounts Email communication investigation both corporate and personal email where possible User file access analysis Previously connected external storage device analysis Mediation service run keywords acquire responsive data provide a copy of data to both parties and evidence what has been found and subsequently deleted from the individual s devices with a courtadmissible report Bespoke software investigation Computer remote access analysis Source code analysis and comparison clean design investigation Data production for client review Expert witness testimony in civil and criminal courts User network activity analysis File transfer investigation Please contact us should you require any guidance or assistance File deletion investigation 44 0 161 797 8123 Software analysis to review usage review of user logs installation history historical software use This list of capabilities is not exhaustive nor are they limited to their attributed scenarios contact cyfor co uk cyfor co uk