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Digital Forensics Capabilities

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DIGITAL FORENSICS CAPABILITIES SHEET A straight forward comprehensive list of our forensics capabilities contact cyfor co uk cyfor co uk 44 0 161 797 8123

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Computer Forensics Digital Media Investigations Forensic imaging and data preservation of digital devices Physical and virtual server acquisition Social media analysis including posts comments messages pictures videos Data recovery including deleted files folders and emails IP address identification and analysis Remote download of cloud accounts cloud based systems e g emails online storage accounts Router interrogation Conduct Wi Fi surveys and comment on the attribution of IP addresses Open source research investigations Critiquing the digital evidence served by the Police Analysing and commenting on the strategy logs generated by the prosecution Password recovery Email correspondence Social media communication Internet activity Theft of electronic intellectual property Analysis and reporting of usage Cell Site Analysis Identifying illegal and indecent imagery Document authentication Establishing the geographical location of a mobile phone when calls SMS messages or data is sent or received Online document review Information gathered is used to generate detailed coverage maps where the service areas of individual cell sites are displayed Mobile Phone Forensics Forensic imaging and data preservation Remote download of cloud accounts cloud based systems e g emails online storage accounts Call Data Record Analysis Date of call Time of call Password recovery Call duration Examining and recovering digital evidence for use in legally aided cases civil or criminal defence or prosecution Number making the call originating Number receiving the call terminating Identifying illegal and indecent imagery IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity Recovery of deleted or lost data CI Cell site identity number Summary of mobile internet usage Production of photographs videos and call lists Determine the location of a phone at a specific time and date Pin bypass for data extraction Expert Witness Service Our experts are fully conversant with the Criminal Procedure Rules Part 33 and the Civil Procedures Rules Part 35 and the Guidance for the Instruction of Experts to give Evidence in Civil Claims issued by the Civil Justice Council Audio Visual Forensics Image video and audio enhancement and authentication Forensic Readiness Planning Video speed alteration and magnification Digital signal processing DSP analysis Image magnification Transcription services Search Orders Voice recognition forensic speech analysis Can assess your organisation s readiness to respond to a compliance requirement to support a digital forensic investigation or as part of an internal investigation Fully security cleared team of experienced digital forensic analysts who can provide a fast and effective response to ensure preservation of evidence Data Recovery We can recover data from a comprehensive range of devices including hard drives RAID arrays Flash Memory devices SD Cards SSD hard drives and servers Incident Response CYFOR has a team of incident response specialists who operate 24 7 on an international scale